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Help-U-Sell® The Oahu Real Estate Smart Home Buying ProcessThe Oahu Real Estate Smart Home Buying Process

Whether you are buying your first or tenth home, it can still be a stressful process.; We want to make it an easier one. Knowing the process ahead of time can make the home buying checklist something more easily obtainable. Some say half the battle is in the knowing.

This is also true for home buying.  Rules and real estate laws change all the time and not knowing them all and where your rights stand can affect your ability to be a smart buyer.

You want to make sure you know what you want before you buy. This may sound obvious but not knowing for sure what your needs are and how you should look for homes can find you ending up with a home you really don’t feel satisfied with.

Make sure you know your rights and that you are entitled to your own buyer’s agent for your side of the transaction. Many buyers think they must go through the listing agent to purchase a home but this is simply not the case. Having your own agent throughout the transaction ensures your needs and priorities are taken into account over the sellers.

Your Rights when Buying Oahu Real Estate

You can legally purchase any home in the Hawaiian Islands and not be discriminated against. If you find the right home for you and your family we will do our best to guarantee we get the home of your dreams with your price and your terms.  You can legally know all about the Oahu home you want to purchase including information on the water supply, insulation, waste disposal system and hazardous materials. You can ask for previous year’s information such as taxes, maintenance and utility costs.

As your Oahu Realtor we will make sure you have received a copy of the purchase contract and have ample time to review it either by yourself and/ or a real estate attorney.  We will also make sure you have the correct market price analysis for your new home and that you will not pay more than it is appraised for.

Also along these lines as your Oahu Realtor we want you to choose your own lender regardless of our recommendations or references. You are entitled to know exactly what your costs are involving your Oahu real estate transaction.

Have an Inspection Done on Your Oahu Property of Choice

We strongly urge all our buyers to have an inspection done on their Oahu property of choice before they agree to purchase. You are legally entitled to use whatever inspector you choose.  We have inspectors that we refer and recommend but it is ultimately your decision on your inspector.

Once you choose the inspector and have the inspection completed you are allowed a full walk-through on the Oahu property prior to closing to verify all needs and requests have been met.

We want to inform our clients of all possible needs and information prior to purchase. This includes your choice of homeowners insurance and if you prefer a home warranty or not. Many sellers now offer it and it can be negotiated into the contract.

This provides a one year warranty on any major appliances left by the seller in the transaction. You will also need to acquire homeowners insurance prior to closing if you are financing the home. This is required by all lenders. Not only is it a smart buying decision but can save you thousands in the event of a fire, theft or tsunami.

Being informed of your Hawaii real estate decision and transaction can really alleviate any concerns or confusion that can arise. Please call us anytime for answers to any of your questions when buying Oahu real estate.

Hawaii Real Estate Specialists

Maureen and her team assists sellers and buyers in coming together over the right home and right price. With up to date listings, current market conditions and local information we are your full service source for all Oahu real estate.

We want your Hawaii real estate experience to be a stress-free and smooth transaction whether you are buying or selling Oahu Homes or properties. As your Oahu Realtor our goals are your goals and we make every effort to buy or sell your Oahu property on your terms and your price.

We service the entire island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands for buyers and sellers including  but not limited to Aiea, Ewa Beach, Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, Makakilo, Mililani Mauka, Waikele and Waipio Gentry.

If you would like more information about our Oahu real estate service please don’t hesitate to call us at (808) 864 – 3545 or fill out our online contact form.  We look forward to speaking with you about your Hawaii real estate needs!


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