Pricing Strategies

Help-U-Sell® offers the same great service for a typical Hawaii Realtor with the knowledge base and tried and true experience that allows us to price your Oahu home right the first time.Strategies for Determining the Best Price for Oahu Properties

We offer the same great service for a typical Hawaii Realtor with the knowledge base and tried and true experience that allows us to price your Oahu home right the first time.

We offer our expertise in how we price backed by years of seasoned experience in every type of market. We don’t guess on your price, we calculate a respectable price based on comparables in your area, similar homes sold recently and those currently on the market.

We prefer not to start high and drop as needed. We believe this wastes your time and possible further profits if we end up going too low. If you are a serious seller you need to know your options to get the most you can from the home.

Don’t list your home if you just want to see what the Hawaii real estate market will do and if you will get any bites.  This puts too many additional homes on the market saturating the inventory and creating an even farther drop in prices. Determine if you are serious about selling by knowing why you need or want to sell.

Any serious seller IS a motivated seller. If you are serious about selling your Oahu home , we need to price the home accordingly. Pricing Oahu homes for sale comes from different variables.

Location can Make the Most Difference when Determining Price

If you have a waterfront home the comparables will need to match those with other similar waterfront homes to come to a reasonable price. If the Hawaii home is the nicest in the neighborhood, this can actually bring down the price of a similar home in a comparable neighborhood to the home. If the home is the smallest on the block, amongst larger more upscale homes, this can actually increase the home’s value over a similar home in a matching neighborhood.

Land and Home Size Determining a Good Starting Reference

The size of the land can really make a difference in Hawaii real estate. Since there is a limited supply of land on the islands, this can really add to the value of the home. More land with beach access can make a huge impact on pricing then a home next door that may not have the same size property. Size of the home, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, usable rooms and square footage all determine pricing points to consider.

Features and Amenities Make a Difference when Determining Pricing Structure

Pools, gardens, sun rooms, general features that come with the home or are to be taken with the seller can make a difference on whether you can add or subtract certain amounts. Just as appraisers add or subtract from comparables to determine a price, we do the same.

Sellers must remember that not only are we doing the absolute best job in pricing your Hawaii home, we must follow the same strategies that an appraiser would. Many buyers finance Oahu real estate and these homes must match the appraised value in order to get the home loan.

Hawaii Real Estate Specialists

Maureen and her team assists sellers and buyers in coming together over the right home and right price. With up to date listings, current market conditions and local information we are your full service source for all Oahu real estate.

We want your Hawaii real estate experience to be a stress-free and smooth transaction whether you are buying or selling Oahu Homes or properties. As your Oahu Realtor our goals are your goals and we make every effort to buy or sell your Oahu property on your terms and your price.

We service the entire island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands for buyers and sellers including  but not limited to Aiea, Ewa Beach, Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, Makakilo, Mililani Mauka, Waikele and Waipio Gentry.

If you would like more information about our Oahu real estate service please don’t hesitate to call us at (808) 864 – 3545 or fill out our online contact form.  We look forward to speaking with you about your Hawaii real estate needs!


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